All entrants are requested to familiarise themselves with the following rules and regulations so as to ensure a trouble-free Discovery Surfers Challenge.


    Registrations will take place at the Nutting Hall, Galway Rd, Stirling, East London. This will take place on Thursday and Friday (two days before race day) between 08:30 and 17:00. All participants entering the race will need to register at Nutting hall where they will receive their race chip and their race armband – colour coded depending on the race entered – please make sure you receive the correct armband colour. Entries at Nutting hall will be at an additional onsite entry fee of R100 extra per ticket. Last minute entries (on race day) will be pay an extra R100 late entry fee.

    It is vital that all participants collect their timing chips at registration. When collecting more than one chip please make sure to note who’s chip belongs to whom to avoid confusion when crossing the finish line. On race day it is EXTREMELY important to wear your race chip around your ankle. If you place it anywhere else FinishTime will not be able to log your time as you cross the finish matt at the end of the race. Wearing it on your wrist does not guarantee your time is recorded and complicates it for our safety team who has to confirm that all walkers/runners have returned home. A penalty of R100 will be payable if your chip is not returned. Please personally remove your chip as soon as you cross the finish line and hand it in at the bins provided. If for some reason you register and receive your chip but don’t make it to the race on the day we ask that you contact us via email to arrange to drop the timing chip off with us in person in East London.
    All participants will be uniquely identified by the organisers according to their discipline (Paddlers, Runners and Walkers, 10km Race and 5km Open and Juniors race) in the form of colour coded armbands that you will receive at Nutting Hall. It is each participant’s own responsibility to ensure that they have received the correct coloured armband from Nutting Hall to avoid confusion at the starting line.
    Busses are provided for 17,5km participants ONLY – to the Kwelera Start. Please note that there are no busses to any of the other starting points! Times: Saturday, 11.00 – 12.00 Departure: Harewood Drive opposite Nahoon Sands. This service is offered on a first come bases and is not guaranteed.
    While we do our best to cater for all shapes and sizes we order in bulk based on numbers we receive during previous races. Shirts have to be pre-ordered in advance despite entries still being allowed right up till race day. We urge all participants to be mindful that only those who complete the various races within the cutoff times are awarded a shirt and that your size might not always be available at the time you come in. Shirts are handed out on a first come first served bases. Please be kind to the volunteer teams handing out shirts at the finish line and treat them with kindness! All participants who complete the 17.5km challenge will receive a shirt. Shirts will be given to the first 1300 participants to finish within the cutoff time(17h00) of the 10km race, the first 300 participants to finish within the cutoff time(13h50) of the 5km Open race, and the first 200 participants to finish within the cutoff time(13h50) of the 5km Junior race.


    Please view the Route listed on our home page – to see a detailed breakdown for each race category. Take note of the following important points/times.
    17.5km: Cut-off in Gonubie is at 17h00 | Finish line cut-off is at 18h00
    10km: Cut-off in Gonubie is at 16h00 | Finish line cut-off is at 17h00
    5km: Finish line cut-off is at 13h50
    CUT-OFF IN GONUBIE is at the END OF SOUTHEND ROAD. At this juncture you are required to hand in your chip and board a bus to the finish. This is for the safety of all concerned and must be strictly obeyed.

    There are adequate water points on the route, but please do not abuse these as you may deprive participants further down the course from receiving their share. We are introducing some cup stations at a few of the water points as a trial to eliminate the use of plastic. We encourage participants to run/walk with their own water bottles and just request that participants take the environment into consideration and refrain from discarding any plastic along the route.
    River crossings should never be taken lightly, and this year will be no exception. Listen carefully to lifeguards on duty. Ropes will be provided across the rivers where required, while other craft are available in case of emergency situations. Please note that Alderson Ambulance is on duty and can be contacted on 0860223366.
    Prize categories are as follows:

    17.5km Male Runner
    17.5km Female Runner
    17.5km Surfer (members of the Border Surfers Club ONLY)

    10km Male Runner
    10km Female Runner

    5km Junior Boy Runner
    (under 12yrs)
    5km Junior Girl Runner (under 12yrs)

    Male Surf-Ski Singles
    Female Surf-Ski Singles
    Doubles Surf-Ski
    Doubles Mixed Surf-Ski

    We reserve the right to annually adjust prize money based on budgets. Winners need to collect their prize in person at prize giving straight after the event on the day or by special arrangements with the Surfers Committee. IF YOU ARE A WINNER WE EXPECT YOU TO BE AT THE PRIZE GIVING, OTHERWISE YOU WON’T GET A PRIZE!

    By participating in the Discovery Surfers Challenge, ticket holders grant Discovery and the Surfers Challenge Committee permission to use photographs, video recordings, or electronic images taken throughout the event in any publications and online marketing. Participants and spectators understand that these materials will become the property of Discovery and the Surfers Challenge Committee, and waive the right to royalties or other compensation arising or related to the use of these images. For more please view our Privacy Policy.
    Please note it is your responsibility to ensure all your details are correct when registering. Discovery Surfers Challenge will not be held responsible for incorrect information filled in during registration. Be vigilant when filling in your information to ensure it is correct.